Story of Logcut

  Logcut was born after the convergence of a professional producer of firewood wishing to mechanize his trade regarding the re-sawing while proposing a quality product to his customers, with the ASI Ingénierie engineering company inheriting from the experience of Jean Marie Fusilier Électronique forest radio controls.

  Logcut’s machines aimed to meet the needs expressed by operators concerned with producing quality firewood, dry and ready-to-use.

 Convinced that the "traditional" method, which consists of pre-cutting and splitting the wood in 1m before drying, allows better flexibility and recovery of all wood types and a simplified and inexpensive management of drying, some producers were looking for a particularly efficient solution for re-sawing before delivery, without capacity limitation.

  Logcut machines thus offer a highly qualitative solution for firewood producers with a large, or future large production. The culmination of this endless search for a solution that meets the needs of firewood producers is most certainly achieved by the Logcut MCS40 model in its different versions and configurations. 

History of LOGCUT projects:

s100 Logcut S100 (2008)

100% automatic static re-sawing prototype of firewood bundles with self-monitoring.
m40 Logcut M40 (2012)

Mobile semi-automatic re-sawing machine with manual loading based on 3 chainsaws hydraulically driven.
mcs40 Logcut MCS40 (2017)

Mobile semi-automatic very high performance re-sawing machine with manual loading based on 3 retractable circular saws and 1 re-cutting to length, hydraulically driven.
  Logcut MCS40 with loading by grab-crane and automated separation (2019).

Deck equipment for loading bulk or bundle. Monitored automated functioning.