The Mobile Pack is ideal for producers of firewood whose organization requires great flexibility of work as well as good mobility, whether on one or between different sites. In this configuration of the LOGCUT MCS40, an operator can saw a given volume of wood in record time regardless of the length requested, he only has to manually load the machine.

    All controls are accessible from the workstation, including changing the cutting length in less than 30 seconds. The loading area is lowered to the maximum and accessible from the front and both sides to facilitate the log supply. The referencing of the wood, its setting to length as well as the various cuts necessary and the screening of the logs are carried out in a single passage in the machine.

    This equipment pack is mainly intended for operators dealing with 800 to 2500 cords (3 000 to 8 000 cubic meters) per year and looking for efficient, compact and manageable work equipment.

    In its Mobile Pack version, the minimum production observed for the LOGCUT MCS40 is 3.5 to 4 cords (12 to 15 cubic meters) per hour on average. This production rate is limited by the operator's pace of work, the sawing unit being able to offer much higher capacities. Should the need arise, upgrading the LOGCUT MCS40 to a Static or Profit Pack remains perfectly possible.

     A tractor with a minimum power of 80hp is highly recommended for PTO drive.

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Mobile Pack standard equipment list
Z Very high performance multi-blade sawing unit.
Machine equipped with 3 circular saws Ø735mm with hydraulic drive.
6 360kg
M Cut-to-length saws at 1.02m.
Lateral evacuation of extra lengths.  
T Evacuation conveyor hydraulically adjustable to +/- 3m linked to the main chassis allowing the loading of trailers up to a height of 3.5m.
Hydraulic unfolding.
High resistance cleats mounted on chains.
Passive screener for cleaning logs.  
C Agricultural chassis with lift axle and hydraulic stabilizing legs, including wheel wedges.
S Removable Cat. 2 lower linkage hitch (not represented on this page).
Mobile Pack options
A Auxiliary hydraulic output.   +30kg
H25 Road approval 25km/h, including a visual signaling kit and machine registration. +50kg
B Original filling with biodegradable hydraulic oil. NA
Mobile Pack dimensions