The Profit Pack compiles the two main characteristics of the LOGCUT MCS40: the possibility of resawing large volumes of wood on the one hand, and the versatility of a mobile machine on the other hand. This version is equipped with a grapple loading platform as well as an automated wood display system. The ergonomics of the workstation are studied in order to reduce the physical efforts of the operator to their minimum while maximizing the performance of the machine.

    This configuration, multi-skilled, allows you to take full advantage of the capacities of the sawing unit while ensuring the possibility of movement.

    In its Profit Pack version, the minimum production observed for the LOGCUT MCS40 is 7 cords (25 cubic meters) per hour on average. The machine's capacities allow for much greater hourly production peaks. For optimal use, it is recommended to assign load management to a crane operator, in addition to the machine operator.

    If the drive is done by PTO, a tractor with a minimum power of 80hp is highly recommended.
Profit Pack list of standard equipment
Z Very high performance multi-blade sawing unit.
Machine equipped with 3 circular saws Ø735mm with hydraulic drive.
8 600kg
M Cut-to-length saws at 1.02m.
Lateral evacuation of extra lengths.
T Evacuation conveyor hydraulically adjustable to +/- 3m linked to the main chassis allowing the loading of trailers up to a height of 3.5m.
Hydraulic unfolding.
High resistance cleats mounted on chains.
Passive screener for cleaning logs.
A Auxiliary hydraulic output dedicated to the deck.
C Agricultural chassis with lift axle and hydraulic stabilizing legs, including wheel wedges.
D Automated loading and spreading deck for bulk logs. Basic length of 3.6m road approved (H25).
DS Removable CAT2 lower linkage hitch.
Profit Pack options
DR Deck extension allowing a loading capacity of 3 bales while maintaining mobility on site. Not approvable on the road. +630kg
H25 Road approval 25km/h. Including a visual signalling kit and machine registration. Only without Deck Extension DR. +50kg
B Original filling with biodegradable hydraulic oil. NA
Profit Pack dimensions